Corey Mehaffy
Executive Vice President & General Manager

Corey J Mehaffy

Corey J Mehaffy is the executive vice president and general manager of Orscheln Properties Co. L.L.C. Prior to joining the Orscheln team, Corey served as the president of two regional economic development organizations directing business attraction, business retention and expansion, and entrepreneurship initiatives for multiple counties in Northeast Missouri.

Prior to his 15 years in economic development, Corey held several senior management positions in a variety of industries from higher-ed, to finance and retail, while owning several businesses. Corey has more than 30 years of experience in business development.

Corey has a bachelor’s degree in business from William Woods University. Corey has completed several professional development programs including Experience in Community Enterprise and Leadership Development, Heartland Economic Development Course, Association of Business Administrators of Christian Colleges Certification Program, and McConkey-Johnson International Fundamentals of Development, and Performance Measurements for Effective Management of Non-Profit Organizations from Harvard University. Corey is a graduate of the International Economic Development Council and the University of Oklahoma’s Economic Development Institute. In addition, Corey holds a professional certification as an Inland Marine Port Manager.

Corey is proud to be associated with a family-owned organization that has always promoted quality, value, service, and fairness in all its business dealings.

Ryan Rehmert
Woodrail Maintenance Supervisor

Ryan Rehmert

Ryan Rehmert is the Maintenance Supervisor at Woodrail Centre for Orscheln Properties Co. L.L.C. At Woodrail Centre, Ryan manages the maintenance technician team, supervises, and hires maintenance contractors, and coordinates the maintenance needs of property tenants. Prior to his promotion, Ryan worked as the Senior Maintenance Technician for Woodrail Centre.

Ryan brings 7 years of experience in internal and external maintenance knowledge to the Orscheln team. He was previously employed as a sandblaster, painter, equipment repairer and maintenance for companies such as Snyder Engineering Inc. in Columbia, MO, and CJC Painting in Union City, OH where he power-washed, sandblasted, and painted both structural steel and building exteriors along with all equipment and vehicle repairs.

He has lawn and landscaping experience with one of his favorite clients being the Union City Country Club. He also has a variety of mechanical skills he has fine-tuned through various maintenance positions from farm and lawn equipment to sprint car race cars.

He enjoys bringing his vast knowledge and various experiences together to help maintain the internal and external needs of the tenants at Woodrail Centre. He is proud to be a part of a family-owned company.

Kim Moore
Building Services Manager

Kim Moore

Kim Moore is currently the Building Services Manager for Orscheln Properties Co. L.L.C. He joined Orscheln Properties Co. L.L.C. in 2005 as a general utility operator, later becoming the lead maintenance technician.

Prior to working at Orscheln Properties Co. L.L.C., Kim led the construction crew for Moore Custom Buildings, building structures such as pole barns, houses, and grain bins. He has extensive knowledge of layout and building design.

Kim’s construction and maintenance background for the past 25+ years makes him a valuable asset for the day to day operations at Orscheln Properties Co. L.L.C..

Carol Helmich
Administrative Assistant

Carol Helmich

Carol Helmich is the Administrative Assistant for the Orscheln Properties Co. L.L.C. team. She has a combined 17 years of experience with Orscheln Properties Co. L.L.C. She handles all accounts payable as well as billing and accounts receivable. She works in building services, construction and likes to get out of the office to visit with tenants.

Carol loves to stay busy and learn, so she is constantly looking for new ways to do things to make everyone’s job easier, whether that be utilizing the software better or writing custom reports.

Carol has a BA in Business from William Woods University.

Joe Snodgrass
Director of Design & Construction

Joe Snodgrass

Joe Snodgrass serves as the director of design and construction for Orscheln Properties Co. L.L.C. He joined the company in 2018 to head up the design and construction activities for Orscheln Properties Co. L.L.C., which also includes projects for Orscheln Farm & Home and Orscheln Products companies.

Prior to joining the Orscheln team, Joe owned and operated his own design and construction consulting firm.

Joe’s diverse background and experience over the past 40 years in architectural, civil, mechanical, and construction projects range from residential design and construction, railroad bridge and building engineering, commercial design/build construction as well as large nuclear construction projects. He has held positions ranging from draftsman, engineering manager, and president of design, construction, and development companies working on projects throughout the Midwest and the South.

Marilyn Hodge
Accounting Supervisor

Marilyn Hodge

Marilyn Hodge is the Accounting Supervisor for Orscheln Properties Co. L.L.C. Marilyn has been with Orscheln for 33 years. She joined the company as an administrative assistant, then transferred to the accounting department as a senior accountant. She has held the position of Accounting Supervisor for the past 25 years.

Marilyn has an accounting degree from North Central Missouri College. Before moving to the Moberly area, she worked as an accountant/office manager for the Grundy County Council on Aging.

Marilyn enjoys the many facets involved with accounting for a real estate and property management company. She has also been involved with Orscheln’s Relay for Life and United Way campaigns, as well as promoting employee wellness.

Dalton Goewey
Property Operations Specialist

Dalton Goewey

Dalton Goewey is the property operations specialist at Orscheln Properties Co. L.L.C. He joined the Orscheln team in 2023. Dalton organizes asset management, tenant services, and marketing efforts. He also assists in the coordination of the safety program with Orscheln Risk Management.

Prior to joining Orscheln, Dalton worked as a credit analyst at Great Rivers Bank. In addition to this, he served as a sponsorship coordinator and core group member of the Ignite Program; a partnership dedicated to fostering an entrepreneurial ecosystem in Northeast Missouri. Dalton became involved with Ignite during his time as an intern at the Hannibal Regional Economic Development Council. At HREDC, he assisted the director of economic development and small business development counselor with several projects, both large and small.

Dalton also works for Growth Services Group as a research analyst. There, he manages a variety of projects like hotel feasibility studies and labor studies. Dalton has a bachelor’s degree in economics from Truman State University. He worked in a variety of customer service roles throughout high school and college.

He takes pride in providing excellent service and is thrilled to be part of an organization that shares this priority.

Matt Cook
Construction Project Manager

Matt Cook

Matt Cook is a project manager for Orscheln Properties. He joined Orscheln Properties in 2019 to manager the construction of Orscheln Properties and Orscheln Farm & Home projects.

Prior to joining the Orscheln team, Matt spent years working in the construction and development industry. He has held project management positions with major construction companies and developers, and managed the construction of several FedEx distribution facilities throughout the Midwest and Eastern U.S. He previously served as plan reviewer and building inspector in a major central Missouri city.

Matt holds a bachelor of science degree in construction management. His knowledge and past experience in construction planning and administration makes him a valuable member of the Orscheln team.